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"CRP India- An entity that moulds precision with perfection to create extraordinary pressure die casting products."
CRP India is your one-stop solution for high-pressure die-casting components. We serve several globally focussed engineering giants with the help of our high-precision manufacturing processes. Started way back in 1975 as The Southern Tool Services, we have evolved and grown to be a professionally managed manufacturing firm- CRP India! We are an IATF 16949:2016 certified company that adopts customer-centric business practices. We manufacture products that meet international safety and quality standards. We make use of the best grade raw materials and cutting-edge technology to achieve exceptional quality levels. With an expertise spanning over 46 years, we take pride in serving the Global Giants all across the world.
Offering Exceptional Quality

Products & Services

Leveraged by rich industrial knowledge & exceptional customer care
We stay ahead of the times by consistently redefining ourselves through product improvements, process framework innovations and technology upgradation.
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Providing Multi-functionality

Integrated Facilities

We adopt outstanding development methodologies and state-of-the-art facilities to attain assured manufacturing excellence.
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Our production plant consists of high pressure die casting unit, a modernistic tool room and a full-fledged machine shop with CNC Turning Centre's and Machining Centre's. Our team's expertise combined with avant-garde infrastructure further helps us produce highly precise die-cast parts to meet diverse manufacturing needs
Component designs are ideated with outstanding development methodologies to meet varied manufacturing needs.
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Fully-equipped modern die casting machines with SMED, best quality electric holding furnaces, and tower melting furnaces.
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Innovative products that meet the precise needs of automotive, furniture, valve, luminaries, and electric power industries, to name a few.
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Mr N. Kunchithapatham
Our Founder

Mr N.Kunchithapatham (1948-2005)

" Our pillar of strength, our constant source of inspiration, a pioneer in die-casting"
Mr N.Kunchithapatham was born and brought up in a middle-class agricultural family. He later went on to gain technical qualifications from a Rural Polytechnic. He trained in the TANSI for 12 years and was also a part of the First Generation Team who took part in the die-casting process in India under a joint Indo-Russian project.
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Delivering Client-Centric Approach

Industries We Serve

We embrace a client-centric approach to deliver products and services exactly within the stipulated time limits. Our team of aluminium and zinc professional experts strive to manufacture premium quality zinc and aluminium casting for multiple industries. We set high industry standards and ensure that we achieve them every single time.
Auto Components
Building, Furniture and Luminaries
Electricals and Electronics
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Aerospace and Defence
46 Years
Expertise & experience as the one-stop solution for die casting
Electrical energy requirements met by utilising wind energy.
IATF 16949:2016
Certified company that follows the RoHS moto for environment conservation
Strives to touch the 100% wind energy utilization mark in the near future
Quality Products, Timely Delivery

Why Choose CRP India

For CRP, quality is not a mere professional commitment. Instead, it is our guiding philosophy.
Our product quality and competitive prices are two pivotal reasons that helped us soar up as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of die castings. And, our services are not limited within the boundaries of India. We offer products and services all across the globe. CRP India is an entity that aims to create something extraordinary by addressing varied casting needs and moulding relationships through it.
Our 46+ years of experience in the die casting industry, cost-effectiveness, quality, and versatility set us apart from our competitors.
We keep on innovating our products and services through redefined process frameworks, technology upgrades and product improvements.
As a team, we stay committed to our customers and adopt a hands-on approach to meet customers, oversee operations and ensure customer satisfaction.
We offer in-depth analysis and facilitate effective implementation of processes for every product we manufacture and every contract we undertake.
Our fully integrated Quality Management system ensures stringent quality control as we strive to improve our perpetually evolving production process continuously.
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Trusted By Global Giants

Priceless Words

Our clients' words of appreciation are the most precious rewards we can ever get!
Countless Markets, Boundless Possibilities

Case Studies

Our exceptional ability to solve even the most complex manufacturing riddles is what makes us loved by customers all across the globe. We excel in die casting, engineering, HPDC expert assistance, machining and prototyping. Our case studies offer you a quick view into our team's incredible ability to offer superior quality products.
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What do you mean by high pressure die casting?
It is a comparatively complex process carried out by using a securely locked die cavity. Using high pressure and velocity, molten metal will be injected into this cavity. The application of high pressure ensures the quick release of gas within the mould. High velocity ensure quick and easy filling and results in sound castings.
How does the process of high pressure die casting work?
High pressure die casting is the quickest way to convert a molten metal to a completed component. Molten metal can be injected into a hard steel mould and allowed to solidify under pressure before it is ejected.
For what purpose high pressure die casting is used?
Generally, in case you need larger volumes of complex components, you can go for high-pressure die casting. It will deliver the components with high precision and speed. Compared to other methods, the casting cycle for high-pressure die casting is very concise. The molten metal will be solidified in mere seconds. Also, high-pressure die casting creates smooth surfaces. This will act as a great primer for the next stage of coating applications.
Does CRP India offer prototyping services?
Yes. We can offer the most reliable and efficient prototyping services. Our design and sales engineers are well-experienced in handling the prototypes for automotive, aerospace, defence, medical, and consumer electronics industries, to name a few. Whatever the precision metal component you require, we help you optimise the prototyping process for it.
Can you explain the difference between low pressure and high pressure die casting?
Low pressure die-casting is slower when compared to the components produced using the high-pressure die-casting process. The size of casting may also be limited due to the machine size in low-pressure die casting. High-pressure die casting offers varied sizes, and it can be easily carried out on soft alloys like aluminium and zinc.
Does CRP India have its own machine shop, tool room and casting shop?
Yes! We manufacture the dies/tools in our tool room as per customer requirements. We have machine shops and die casting as well.
Why is die-casting comparatively an expensive process?
Die casting can be expensive because the initial die casting tooling outlay will be costly. Hence, the unit cost savings won't be justified until you reach a reasonable volume. But the tooling manufacturing process is evolving, and the break-even threshold is also coming down. Hence, the costs may also be reduced in the near future. You should consider the precision, minimum post-molding operations, close to final shape finish achieved through Diecasting process, resulting in much reduced cost overall. Just send us your RFQs and we will revert no mater the requirements.
What is the maximum size of die casting you can produce?
CRP India mainly specialises in small, precision die casting components. We can cast die casting components up to the size of a computer or laptop. It may vary based on the weight of the component. But, we are specialised in creating components that can easily fit in your palm or even at the tip of your finger. However we shall develop and manufacture larger dies and produce castings with 3rd party and supply any size of the part. Feel free to send us your RFQs and we will revert back swiftly with respect to feasibility including size, material, castability, operations, finish, etc.
Will you be able to customise the components to suit my needs?
Definitely! We can discuss your requirements before the mould design stage itself. We will customise the castings and deliver the components you require.
How is the casting pressure calculated?
The die-casting pressure/ machine clamping force (t) = Casting projected area x modulus ( x ( die casting projected area / orthographic die casting projected area) x Yield Factor (say 1.4)
What type of customers do you serve?
We serve global giants with the help of our cutting-edge technologies and customer-centric business methodologies. We serve industries like furniture and luminaries, hydraulics and pneumatics, electrical and electronics, aerospace and defence, and auto components building.
Why do you use Aluminium in die casting?
Aluminium can easily withstand corrosive resistance with suitable surface treatments coupled with mechanical properties, thermal and electric conductivity, makes it a great alloy for die casting. Light weight and Recyclability makes it a very popular alloy across various industries.
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