Case Study 1307 - Accurate Price Estimation

Having realized the potential of the machining optimiza­tion tool, CRP has decided to seamlessly integrate it into the quoting system for accurate machining conceptualiza­tion, precise cycle time computations and cost estimations. This is done through the following features of the tool

  • A effective tool store database (Figure 7.1) with compre­hensive details viz., tools, holders with geometry and cutting parameters
  • Machine database with complete details of the machine elements, the constraints and the parameters (Figure 7.2)
  • The simulation and collusion checks
  • Controller database with details of the available options and the controller parameters
  • Knowledge base for rapid implementation of machining strategies
  • Sequence of operations and tool path and axis movement optimizations (Figure 7.3)
  • Material database with cutting parameters

Figure 7.1 - Tool Store Data base with detailed tool and bolder models and tool geometry

Figure 7.2 - Simulation of the machine elements, movements.

With the help of these features the marketing and process engineers have to do some simple concept model­ing for the fixture and part, and then choose the machine, tools, sequences and strategies from the respective data­ bases. The software does the rest of the optimizations.

Figure 7.3 - Optimization of the tool path and axis movements and sequence of operations

Figure 7.4 - Sample Job Instruction list

The output includes the following

  • Accurate cycle time with details for each operation
  • Auto generated NC Code
  • Detailed Process Planning Report
  • Detailed Job Instruction List

The database also includes the machine cost and with the due update of all the databases, a click of a button will give accurate price estimation and it can be completely customized. The days for quoting have now shrunk to hours, with more close correlation to the actual cost

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