Prototyping Technology
Offering you rapid prototyping to facilitate the mass production of die-cast components.

Advanced Prototyping For Complex Industrial Parts

CRP India specialises in rapid prototyping to create complex die-cast components. Our experience enables us to help you optimise the prototyping process for any precision metal component. With our expert engineers by your side, you can navigate the rest of your prototyping process with ease and turn your component into successful mass production. We can offer assemblies and components in low-volume production quantities and prototyping using various methods including (but not limited to):
  • HPDC (low volume)
  • Gravity die casting
  • Sand Casting
  • 3D machining
  • Investment casting
  • Fabrication and 3D Printing
We have developed several rapid prototyping methods to obtain parts with complex designs. We deploy these processes in the development of HPDC moulds. With our advanced rapid prototyping technology and high-speed machining capabilities, we produce complex industrial parts.

Our Prototyping Capabilities

At CRP, we build our prototyping tools and components in-house and collaborate with globally reputed certified suppliers to ensure consistent results. When it comes to rapid prototyping, CRP is capable of:

  • Producing batches of prototype components with material characteristics and accuracy similar to those of production die casts.
  • Manufacturing single cavity tools using high-speed machining rapid prototyping techniques.
  • Producing economical gravity cast and plaster moulded prototypes in zinc, aluminium, and magnesium from master models.
  • Enabling machining prototyping out of bar stock customised with similar mechanical properties of the die-cast alloys we use.
  • Creating fully functional prototypes with similar strength and mechanical characteristics of a die-cast component.

Benefits Of Our Prototyping Process

We offer rapid prototyping services that enable you to analyse components and make the necessary changes to get the best results. While there are many prototyping options, CRP specialises in creating prototypes for projects with the potential for die casting production. Prototyping with CRP bestows you with a slew of advantages:

  • Uses genuine materials and proven processes for all prototypes.
  • Assures production validation before a full-scale rollout
  • Enables economically viable design modifications post-release
  • Eliminates unnecessary post-production redesign and crafting
  • Allows comparison testing for alternative design concepts
  • Facilitates manufacturing using your own CAD data

Discuss your prototyping requirements with us to enhance your industrial processes.

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