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CRP - A globally renowned, professional Zinc die-casting company using highly efficient and versatile techniques to ensure exceptional quality.
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Our Highly Versatile Zinc HPDC

CRP is an industry leader when it comes to Zinc die casting. We supply a long list of customers who range from reputed appliance manufacturers to automotive industries and beyond. We handle everything under one roof, from mould designing, testing, zinc component manufacturing to finishing and packaging. We also use the finest quality zinc alloys sourced from reliable suppliers for casting.

Advantages of Zinc HPDC

The following are the advantages of HPDC, which makes it an important and preferred manufacturing process for non-ferrous applications:


Dimensional Stability and Higher Precision

Fast production and optimum production cost. Longer tool life and Easy Machining
Multiple components can be integrated into a single casting. Long core holes with Small diameters.
Products & Applications
Strong and durable endues are used in diverse applications. Superior mechanical properties viz., TS, %El, Impact. Easy formability, thin wall sections are possible. Smaller Draft angles.
Possible surface finish like Anodising, Plating, E-Coat, and Buffing.
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Our Zinc Die Casting Capabilities

CRP India is a globally acclaimed manufacturer of Zinc die castings. Our team of highly-trained metallurgists deploy continual chemical and physical analysis to ensure high strength and hardness characteristics.

Zinc Alloy For Die Casting
Zinc Surface Finishing
Sub Assembly

Zinc alloys are the easiest to use for high pressure die casting as they offer high flexibility and impact strength. They also have a lower melting point to promote durability. Parts can be die-cast in several different alloys, each with its own benefits and constraints. These include Zinc alloys like Zamak 3, Zamak 5, ZA8, ZA12 and ZA27.

We can process any alloy following the below international standards
  • North American Die Casting Association- NADCA- A-3-13-15
  • Japanese International Standards - JIS H 2201
  • German Standard – DIN 1743
  • European Standard – EN 1774
  • American Society for Testing and Materials - ASTM B86

We offer excellent zinc surface finishing options to meet your specifications. Our zinc surface finishings include but are not limited to:

  • Powder coating with electrostatic application
  • Wet paint and chromate
  • Electroless nickel and e-coating
  • Silk screening and stencilling
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Surface conditioning with shot and bead blasting

Machining cells and layouts can be formed or rearranged in a matter of days to optimise space, movement, and time based on fluctuating customer requirements. This results in optimised tack time and mistake-proof processes. The availability of diverse types of similar machines allows us to synchronise machining processes with the rest of the processes.

Our machining processes include:
  • VMCs
  • Drill-tap centres
  • CNC turning machines
  • SPMs

Our company believes in value addition and looks forward to doing sub-assemblies at our end so that our customers get ready to use parts and sub-assemblies. This also helps you to shorten your supply chains. Some of the examples include:

Metal inserts assembled as a post-casting process. For example, heat sinks in automobile alternator assemblies are assembled with lead-coated copper inserts for easy soldering of electrical and electronic parts.
Contract manufacturing for the customers gives you a complete assembly and testing to ready them for the market. For example, gas safety devices jointly developed for a customer are manufactured after in-house die casting and machining.

We undertake several tests at the incoming, in-process, final and pre-delivery stages, as per the customer and product needs. We carry out the following tests:

  • Raw Material Testing
  • Leak testing/pressure testing as a part, product or assembly

-- Pressure decay method
-- Dump test in water or other specified fluids
-- Dye penetration testing

  • Pull out testing for pipes and inserts
  • Adhesion test for powder coatings
  • Salt spray test for validation of various surface finish requirements
  • Specific product testing like snout load testing

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FAQs About Zinc HPDC

Why is Zinc ideal for casting?

Yes, CRP offers complete prototype services to confirm your design before starting batch production. We have the experience and infrastructure to optimise your prototyping procedure for any precision metal component.

Is zinc die-cast prone to rusting?

Zinc-based alloys have excellent corrosion-resistant properties. However, unlike aluminium that can self-heal, Zinc will break down and degrade over time.

What are the advantages of Zinc die casting?

Zinc die casting :

  • Has castable to closer tolerances than other metals and plastics.
  • Has faster die-casting production rates than aluminium and magnesium.
  • Enables 'Net Shape" or 'Zero Machining' manufacturing
  • Produces repeatability of less than ± 25 µm for small components.
  • Has good fluidity for thinner, intricate, and complex die castings
What are the leading industries that require zinc casting materials?

The automotive industry uses 28% of the produced Zinc die castings for applications like inertia discs and retractor gears. Other industries that drive the demand for Zinc die casts are:

  • Automobile, Building and hardware sectors
  • Construction, mining, and oil field machinery
  • Railroads, farm equipment, and valve industries
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Municipal castings, pipes, and fittings
  • Telecommunications
Which is the most suitable alloy for hot chamber die casting?

Zinc alloys are ideal for their mechanical and physical properties, fluidity, rigidity, resistance, and durability.

Does CRP produce customised zinc casting products?

Yes, we do. At CRP, Zinc die casting can be customised to specific manufacturing processes, enabling complex designs and forms.

Which type of surface finishes can you provide?
We can supply castings in the natural state or with various surface treatments such as anodising, plating, painting and lacquering.
What are the industries that you support?
We supply automotive, telecommunications, luminaire, modular furniture, electrical infrastructure, hydraulic valves, compressors, defence and aerospace industries.
Can you manufacture lightweight aluminium die casting products?
Our zinc castings are lightweight and also have superior strength. Our extensive experience and expertise in applying re-engineering and upfront product validations help us manufacture such lightweight casting products.
What are the features of your Zinc die casting services?
At CRP, we offer a range of strong, durable, highly stable Zinc die castings. Our die castings are done on high pressure and are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. We also offer them at nominal prices.
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